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From a young age, Jon Medina has been harnessing his creative abilities to curate experiences that inspire, activate, and enhance the human experience, all with a regenerative, eco-minded approach. Jon utilizes an ontological design-centered process to generate therapeutic experiences that produce healing psychological shifts through sensory immersion. Over the last decade, his ability to channel and express his works has taken him worldwide with his art and music.


Within his physical creations, he designs with a unique fusion of inspiration derived from nature, architecture, world culture, maximalism, minimalism, dream realms, and geometry. His works captivate the audience by evoking an innate human connection to self, other, and environment. This is achieved through alluring atmospheres, intricate structures, textural soundscapes, and captivating visual displays. To take the experience deeper, he incorporates alluring visuals woven into every piece through digital mediums such as lighting, video mapping, and sound.


Within his musical expressions, he brings a unique combination of cultural influences from Latin, Eastern, and African music, fused with the sounds of house, techno, and ambient music. He curates vibrant experiences woven through stories of beautiful melodies, driving basslines, and intricate percussion, drawing listeners into a presencing immersion of human existence. During select performances, Jon plays with additional musicians showcasing live instrumentation and vocals.


Ontological Design

the design discipline concerned with designing human experience. It does so by operating under one essential assumption: that by designing objects, spaces, tools, and experiences, we are in fact designing the human being itself.

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